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People & Places BGC 1

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

For a reason I'll explain in a later post, this was a test run with the new Fuji X-H2 and XF 33mm f/1.4 LM WR lens. The autofocus and eye tracking are very good; however, I'd not set up the camera and am still in the learning curve at this time. Some shots are softer than they should be (my fault) but still quite impressive.

I Met some fabulous young adults in Uptown BGC (Map Below Gallery) celebrating a birthday and ended up taking a few photos of them. It only takes a moment to realize they are exceptional humans and that they're very comfortable in front of the camera.

I met two more stylish people across from Uptown Mall and they agreed to have their photo taken.

They said "one photo only". This is it.

One Last Photo from Uptown as night settles in.

Mitsukoshi Mall

As you travel south on 9th Avenue from Uptown Mall you will come upon ECO Tower, and office tower with a large BDO Bank Branch on the street level. Behind the ECO Tower lies a concrete area where I chanced upon this group of women dancing and laughing. The lady standing alone explained that they are all employees of BDO Bank and they do this for fun exercise and team building. What a fabulous place!!! BDO was a big help to me converting funds and helping me get started in the Philippines. I fully intent to open an account at this branch in the near future. A short distance from the BDO team I spotted another group dancing. BGC is a very happy place!

Heading south we arrive at Bonifacio High Street where you will find lots of food, people and shopping. On the east end of High Street you will come upon Serendra, one of my favorite places. Below the Serendra photo are several photos of people taken along High Street.

Looking from High Street Toward Serendra

Continuing south we arrive at 27th St and explore to the west. Testing the "pet" recognition A.I. on the Fuji I snapped a photo of a beautiful Doberman. If you are a dog lover, you will love BGC.

Doberman at 27th St. park. See map below.

While at the park you will be able to enjoy the famous and world class Philippine chocolate and coffee at Auro Chocolate.

Auro Chocolate
Auro Chocolate

Lastly as we move west you'll find another fabulous coffee shop, Caravan Black Coffee. My favorite is Angkan (You will meet very nice people there), but this is right up there. I happened upon a nice young lady n a striking red dress and she was gracious enough to indulge my photo request. Map below.

Caravan Black Coffee
Caravan Black Coffee
Caravan Black Coffee

Visit BGC and you will love it!




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