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Welcome, my friends call me Joey! 

My Perspective

I have lived and continue to live a rich life of adventure and believe the most important skills I've developed are the ability to see events through other's eyes, search for areas of commonality, and build relationships that are mutually enriching.  I've included a fair bit of life history to provide some insight of how my perspective was shaped. I wish for us all to live long, love hard, and prosper in ways that fill our hearts. Best, Joe

Life so far:

I joined the U.S. Navy in 1979 (age 17) and left home. Although I hadn't graduated high school the U.S. Navy offered me a fabulous education and I will forever be grateful for the lifelong friendships and opportunities afforded to me. I sailed the West Pacific aboard the USS Constellation and USS Enterprise, and am a plank owner of the USS Wasp (LHD 1). My specialty was initially navigation and communication electronics (including Crypto). Following my first sea tour I served as an instructor in San Diego teaching Airborne Dipping Sonar, Doppler Radar, and Magnetic Anomaly Detection systems. In November 1985 I was accepted to the Blue Angels initially serving as the #6 Crew Chief and later as the #7 Crew Chief. The Blue Angel 7 Crew chief is the only enlisted tactical jet aircrew position in the U.S. Navy. The usual "back seaters" are Naval Flight Officers. This was without doubt the best three years of my career. Following my tour with the Blues I was assigned to the USS WASP Pre-Commissioning Detachment where I oversaw the outfitting of the Avionics, Calibration and Micro-Miniature labs and crewed her through sea trials and shock trials (shock trials are worth a google). In February 1991 I completed my 12th year of naval service and entered the civilian workforce. I spent the following 11 years in a couple of boring unsatisfying occupations before returning to a life of adventure. My most recent work was as a surveillance operator, fraud investigator, educator and speaker. I have personally conducted over 20,000 hours of surveillance (including stationary surveillance, moving automobile surveillance and foot surveillance). Additionally, I have obtained in excess of 1000 recorded statements, am an experienced courtroom witness and have trained former local, state and federal law enforcement in the art of tradecraft. Most recently (prior to departing the U.S) I worked with clients to deter physical threats, manage violent encounters and the resulting physical, mental, legal, and financial aftermath. I have trained on a regular basis with the most respected law enforcement and civilian trainers in the U.S. and maintain personal relationships with many. In 2023 I will leave the U.S. to continue the adventure. Following are some highlights of my experience:

  • 14 years as surveillance operator working primarily in New Orleans and the bayou region of Louisiana.

  • Kinesic interview expert.

  • Seven years experience teaching tradecraft at three Louisiana colleges; trained former DEA, FBI, Deputy U.S. Marshals, as well as state and local law enforcement personnel.

  • Graduate of the Massad Ayoob Group (MAG40).

  • Graduate of Defense Training International's Basic and Advanced Defensive Handgun courses along with more advanced courses such as; Urban Rifle, Vehicle Defense, and Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack. 

  • Defense Training International staff instructor.

  • Certified NRA pistol instructor.

  • Authorized CCW instructor for the state of Missouri. 

  • Completed training with top experts, including Darryl Bolke, John Farnam, Dr. William April, John Murphy, Tom Givens, John Holschen, Ed Monk, Claude Werner, Scott Jedlinski and others.

  • Certified Glock, and Smith & Wesson M&P and Shield Armorer. 

  • Former U.S. Navy Blue Angels Crew Chief and instructor, back seat qualified in F-18 Hornet.

  • Former NAUI Divemaster.

  • Certified NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver, Advanced Scuba Diver, Master Scuba Diver, NAUI Nitrox Diver, DAN Oxygen First Aid certified.

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