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Why Are We Really Here..The Subtle Truth..

What We Tell Others, and the real truth!

The shocking morning after my first birthday in the Philippines.

Lets cover the normal talking points and then move beyond the logic and look at the more intangible human side..See the end of the video to learn what I discovered the morning after.

What we all say about our reasons…

  • Low cost of living.

  • Better health.

  • Cheap healthcare.

  • Feminine women - new opportunity for love.

  • Respectful to elders.

  • Beautiful climate

  • Beautiful geography

    • Mountains

    • Beaches

Reality I believe we dream of…Intangibles

  • We expect to be noticeable happier

  • Feel less stress

  • Feel cared for and appreciated?

Typical American birthday Experience

  • Happy birthday Facebook posts

  • A card or two

  • Get back to work

My First Philippine Birthday

  • Handwritten notes

  • Home baked cookies

  • Gourmet baked goods delivered

  • Birthday cake & gift brought over

  • Thoughtful Gifts

  • Treated to Coffee

  • Countless happy birthday wishes


Filipinos are hopeful, resilient people who see the brighter side of life and their attitude is contagious.. Come join the adventure.

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Better Thinking Better Life

Joey Out


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