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Fantasy World, Marcos Twin Mansion & Food!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I’ve seen so many photos of Fantasy World that I was compelled to see it for myself. On the way, I discovered another abandoned magnificent property and even dined in a mountain top hut. This short day trip from BGC turned into a day of fabulous sites, cool weather, good food, and many smiles.

I departed mid-morning en route to Fantasy World and somehow ended up on a private road with signs stating that permission to use can be revoked by the owner at anytime.

The road was scenic to say the least and at on point overlooks a beautiful golf course. I was amazed at the number cyclists and the ease in which they climbed the steep mountain grades. Not far past the golf course I discovered an abandoned mansion with a sari-sari store and many cyclists and motorcyclists taking in the site. I had no idea what this place was until I returned and went to the Google. Turns out, this place is an iconic piece of Philippine history. Link to Map Here

The Cabuyao Mansion (formerly owned by the Marcos family) located in San Miguel, Manila, it was built during the Marcos regime in 1973 by First Lady Imelda Marcos. The mansion is a massive compound with an area of around 15 hectares. The Marcos family lived in this luxurious mansion before they were exiled to Hawaii. It was eventually seized by the Philippine government and became part of Camp Aguinaldo, a base for the military. In 2013, it was turned over to the Department of National Defense (DND).

It is now long abandoned and will eventually be lost to the jungle; however, cyclists and tourists now have the opportunity to stop by and rest in the shade provided by the trees surrounding the mansion. With its lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere, you will enjoy a nice respite from the chaos of everyday life.

Departing the Mansion and again headed toward Fantasy World, I found noticed a "resto bar" on a mountain top with several huts lined along the ridge. Pulling into the parking lot I was greeted by smiling women and rock music blasting from large speakers mounted to the building front. Amazingly enough, The music can't be heard in the huts... Mountain magic?

Back to the fantasy world. Other than knowing it exists, I know little more. The internet is awash with claims that is is reopening, that it is open, etc. I’ve seen photos taken from within the property and many like the one photo I snapped here:

Fantasy World Mansion

I saw nothing to stop an adventurer from entering the park; however, I don’t know if it’s legal. I encourage you to take a ride on Google to checkout more photos and the story of the park’s owner who fell upon hard times and abandoned the project. At the entrance and on the road immediately outside the park you will find the typical hustle of people selling souvenirs and snacks.

There is also a castle like building just outside the entrance (I’m not sure if this building is connected to the park) where a mobile coffee shop setup… My kind of thing for sure!!

Castle building with po-up coffee shop!

Thanks for stopping by.

Best, Joe


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