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Why Move To The Philippines & Step-Step Guide To Make It Happen!

Why move to the Philippines?

The Philippines offer a unique blend of rich culture, tropical climate & spectacular geography (arguably the most beautiful tropical location in the world).

The low cost of living, welcoming locals and large population of expats will help With acclimation, and because all government documents are in English, navigating the immigration process and driving are super easy. Additionally, almost all Filipinos are English speakers. Although Filipino (Tagalog) is the official language, English is almost universally spoken. Affordable quality health care and dentistry are icing on the cake.

Age is not a factor!

The Filipino culture of respect for seniors is refreshing. Seniors are revered and given discounts and head-of-line privileges in most places.

Being of retirement age is NOT a barrier to romance.

Eight Elements For Successfully Retiring In The Philippines

  1. List the benefits. - Have strong why!

  2. Eliminate self-doubt - It is normal, but not productive.

  3. Identify approximate target date to move (refine date as you make progress).

  4. Identify the obstacles.

  5. List skills and knowledge required to overcome obstacles.

  6. List the people & assets who can help you.

  7. Create an action plan.

  8. Set firm date (approximately 3 months ahead of refined target date) buy ticket & make reservation for lodging.

Important Warnings

  • Pick your city of residence before you grab a girlfriend (It's easy to meet people here).

  • Do not start an online relationship prior to moving.

  • Make Sure All Identifying Documents are Exactly the Same.

  • Establish needed banking accounts while you have a verifiable home address.

If you arrive and act like an ass, you will have a miserable life here. Don’t bring your problems with you!

You can do this! See you here!


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