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Vigan City - Why Did A 7 Hour Ride Take 11 Hours?

A Scenic Journey From Manila Along McArthur Highway to Vigan City.

Vigan City is a picturesque destination in the province of Ilocos Sur, known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture. If you're planning to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site from Manila, traveling by road along McArthur Highway can be an equally scenic journey.

The Philippines boasts of numerous tourist destinations that highlight the natural beauty of the country. We pass one of these hidden gems (Agoo City) on our way to Vigan. Agoo is a laidback rural town situated in the province of La Union. Despite its low profile, Agoo offers a unique experience to travelers who are seeking calm and solitude outside the bustling cities.

Agoo City has several historical churches that reflect the town's rich religious heritage. The most popular of these is the Agoo Basilica, which is also known as Our Lady of Charity Basilica. Built during the Spanish colonial era, the church's grand architecture and impressive interior leave visitors awe-struck.

With its location just a few kilometers away from the coast, Agoo City also offers an excellent beach experience to vacationers. The town's public beaches, namely the Pug-os beach and San Juan beach offer boat rides, kayaking, and other exciting water activities.

Overall, Agoo City is a place that should be in any traveler's itinerary when visiting the Philippines. Nestled nicely between mountains and seas, this quaint town offers visitors a chance to experience provincial living uniquely. From visiting historical churches, relaxing in hot springs, exploring culture and tradition, enjoying beaches, or buying fresh produce, Agoo city has something for everyone. A stop in Agoo is well worth your time.

After a long and memorable road trip, you'll reach Vigan City. As you reach the city, you'll notice its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture that is sure to take you back in time. Hire a Kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) to explore the streets and admire buildings that have stood for centuries, or simply walk the cobblestone streets. However you make your way around, don't forget to try their famous Vigan longganisa, empanada, and bagnet.

Traveling to Vigan City along McArthur Highway is an experience that is enjoyable for anyone who wants to explore the beauty of Luzon. From scenic countryside to historical architecture, the route has a lot to offer. So, gear up and embark on a memorable journey full of surprises!


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