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The Best $100 Purchase Since Arriving, Getting My Philippine License & Riding To Baguio City!

Baguio City seems to be such a vibrant and bustling place. Let's explore the deep-rooted past of Baguio City, from its conception by the Spanish all the way through to contemporary times. Within mere decades Baguio has become one of Philippines’ most well-known cities

where ancient culture is mixed with modernity allowing visitors like us to experience a diverse range of Filipino traditions while still relishing in the comforts and convenient modern amenities nearby. Whether it's awe inspiring hiking trails or delicious local delicacies, Baguio has something for everyone. Let’s dive in and discover what makes this city cool yet surprisingly warm at heart!

Brief History

Baguio City is a stunningly colorful, vibrant city in the Philippines, with stalls of fresh produce that appears as if from another era. It has been a bustling mountain market since the mid-1800s with its locals selling their abundant harvests of strawberries and other fruits. The rich history of this City has given Baguio an incredibly distinct charm. Visit and you will quickly become immersed in its culture of perseverance, generosity and hospitality. YOU WILL FEEL IT!!

Mining history

Baguio City is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines, and it has a long history of mining gold. Founded in the 1500s, when first settled by Spanish conquistadors. Miners soon found the area contained several deposits of gold in its veins and hillsides. Mining ventures continued for centuries, and until recent decades, great wealth was extracted from this mineral-rich land. Although the population and economy of Baguio City have grown and changed over the past few hundred years, its long history of mining gold is still remembered fondly, and “Mine View Park” overlooking many old mines is a popular destination today.

Baguio City is one of the most comfortable cities in the Philippines due to its cool climate. Located in the mountains of Northern Luzon, Baguio has been a popular getaway spot for Filipinos since American forces discovered it during their colonization of the islands in the early 1900s. It has become known for its colonial-era architecture and rolling hills, attracting tourists from all over the country. Baguio has also earned a reputation as an ideal spot for couples looking for a romantic getaway and a favorite place for families on vacation who want to enjoy some relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of lower elevations.


Baguio City is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, and provides visitors with much more than just beautiful mountainous terrain. One of the best things to try is the local cuisine. With a rich history, Baguio City boasts some delicious Filipino dishes like pinikpikan and mountain rice, but there's one thing you definitely can't miss: coffee pastries! There's no better way to explore the culture and history of Baguio City than through its delicious coffee pastries made in traditional style. Enjoying these tasty treats will be an unforgettable experience.


Baguio City is a college town and has had a vibrant nightlife scene for many years. From the early days of Spanish colonialism to now, it has been a hotbed for entertainment and recreation. The bustling streets are lined with cafes and bars that offer up everything from college party time to quiet cocktails in laidback lounges.


For those who prefer to take in the beauty of the city while they sip their drinks, there is no better place than one of the rooftop patio bars with a stunning view of Baguio City stretched out below. Whether you choose an electrifying party atmosphere or an intimate hideaway, you will be rewarded with a memorable night in this enchanting corner of the world.


Baguio City is also an appealing location for its diverse shopping options. Traditional markets offer a breadth of products locals and visitors alike can take advantage of; pasalubo options (an umbrella term referring to unique goods bought to bring back to family and friends) are abundant. Shopping is even exciting with modern stores, malls, and outlets that offer discounted prices all while experiencing traditional hospitality and aromas coming from local shops nearby. Whether you’re looking to pick up gifts or a souvenir of your trip, Baguio City offers something perfect for everyone who loves to shop around while sightseeing.

Should you visit

With Baguio City beautiful nestled in the mountains of Northern Luzon, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s educational and cultural sites such as the Mansion House, museums, or simple evenings of trying out local eateries, you will be enchanted. No matter your budget, there are activities that can be enjoyed and areas to explore such as Burnham Park or the aforementioned Mines View Park. If you have mobility issues, there is ample transportation.


The Philippines is a fantastic nation for anyone who loves an adventure. Among the most hazardous and also breathtaking of these adventures available to visitors is to explore its numerous hair-raising mountain roads. While some are trafficked by motorbikes, taking a car over one of these roads is also a unique experience. One of the most popular mountain roads in the Philippines connects Baguio city with Bakun Lake. Although the journey from start to finish takes about two hours, it provides daring travelers unforgettable views, as they pass through mountain forests while making sharp twists and turns. It's definitely an exhilarating way to experience this country!


Main Office to convert foreign DL to Philippine DL: LTO East Ave Location

Items You need (original) and copies of to obtain license:

  • Valid home country driver's license (front and back)

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (front and back)

  • Passport Identification Page and Latest Entry Page

  • Most Recent Visa Extension documents and receipts

  • Medical certificate (original) The Clinic will enter data online and it will be verified by LTO.

Fees for Medical Exam: 500 pesos

License Fees:

Check back soon for part two as we discover places within Baguio that deserve to be seen. In the Mean time, here are a few photos:

Until next time,

Joey out.


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Gary Carter
Gary Carter
Apr 07, 2023

Another great field trip 💥💗😁, we love the videos and all the places you’ve taken us we can’t wait for more of your adventures 💙💛🇺🇸Love your show buddy. OABAAABA

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