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Shakedown at a roadblock! Only in the Philippines!

The Mother of All Asia

Have you ever wanted to take a physical and spiritual pilgrimage? The Mother of All Asia Statue in Batangas provides an opportunity to do just that! Since its completion is 2021, this majestic statue has attracted thousands of the faithful who have experienced the pilgrimage of their lifetime.


The Mother of All Asia Statue, located in Batangas, Philippines, is a powerful testament to faith and the strength of Filipino culture and is the grand centerpiece of the Montemaria pilgrimage. It stands 23 meters tall and 12 meters wide with her arms outstretched symbolizing love and guidance towards all who walk along its sacred grounds.

The statue is a true work of art, encapsulating Mary and her divine love. Mary's outstretched arms represent both her answer to the world's needs and her embrace of all those who come to Montemaria seeking spiritual peace and insight. Her diadem is shaped into 12 stars, signifying Mary's status as Queen of Heaven and ruler of the entire universe. Moreover, Mary's figure has a matte finish, making it stand out against the glistening ocean far below.

The pilgrimage to Montemaria is a wondrous experience for christians and catholics. It all starts with the sight of the stunning Mother of All Asia Statue which is the centerpoint of the entire complex. As you make your journey, you will be surrounded by colorful prayer flags fluttering from every corner and blessed by rosary prayers chanted by thousands of pilgrims who flock to Montemaria for their devotional practice. This is not only a great way to learn about the Catholic faith, but also to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Joining in the pilgrimage is easily done. Begin by meeting at the Mother of All Asia Statue and following the pilgrimage route around Mount Malarayat. While on your journey, you can take part in activities such as prayer marches, rallies, singing and discussing important topics. Afterward, everyone is welcome to come back and share stories over a communal meal. No matter how you choose to participate, this pilgrimage will undoubtedly provide insight into Filipino culture and bring people together for a spiritual experience that will last a lifetime. Many have spoken of finding much-needed solace and peace as they took part in activities such as prayer rituals at the foot of the majestic statue. Others talk about gaining new insights as they learn to trust their instincts and reconnect to their inner wisdom while being surrounded by peaceful greenery and beautiful landscapes. Ultimately, these past pilgrims have found valuable insight from this beautiful pilgrimage experience, leaving an inspirational legacy for future travelers.

There is no denying that the beautiful scenery and natural environment serve as a great backdrop to reflect on your spiritual beliefs. Batangas provides you with an opportunity to explore and experience the region's culture and scenic beauty, and a short ferry ride will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world, don't miss out.

Enjoy the photographs below,

Joey out!


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Gary Carter
Gary Carter

Playing catch up on your videos today, I loved the The Mother of All Asia 🙏🏻, love the road block 🤑👸🏼I hope they raised enough money from their shake down for the little princesses

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