• Joe Gilbert

One For Me One For You

Photo by Victoria Borodinova

How many books have you read in the past six months? How many seminars, classes or workshops have you attended? How do we garner long-term value from a book we didn’t particularly enjoy or a seminar that left us pumped-up and motivated, yet forgotten a month later? If we add one item to our daily routine to aide in making better decisions, improve a physical skill or simply motivate us to do more, the incremental value of each book, seminar, or class will (over time) make us wiser, better and more valuable.

Another method is to pay it forward by sharing with others. "One for me one for you" is a technique for sharing we learned as children. We may not be divvying up treats; however, we are well served by sharing value builders with others. Instead of, or maybe in addition to buying coffee for a stranger, imagine sharing a point from a seminar or recommending a book to a coworker or even a person we meet at lunch. We might just give someone the last number they need to unlock their best future. When we share we grow.

One for me, one for you!



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