• Joe Gilbert

None of us are Smarter than all of us. What have I missed?

My plan has naturally evolved as I progress toward my departure date. The following 15 points should be useful for those contemplating retiring overseas. Feel free to let me know what I've missed.

(1) Timing will never be right. Just like starting a business or any other endeavor, waiting for the “right time” is a mistake that dashes many dreams.

(2) Understand visa requirements and make sure you meet income & health requirements if you plan to apply for retirement visa.

(3) Double-check accuracy of all of your documents and find out and what documents may be required in the future (such as applying for Social Security) and obtain them before leaving:

  • Drivers license.

  • Passport.

  • Social Security card.

  • Divorce papers.

  • Dates of marriages and divorces.

  • DD214.

  • W2 / tax returns.

  • Bank records.

  • Etc….

(4) Double-check all of your credit accounts:

  • Foreign transaction fees.

  • Dealing with two-point authentication. (can you received text while gone).

  • Ability to access and move money without a cell phone.

(5) Establishing accounts that have to be verified in your home country:

  • Uber/Grab.

  • Web-host.

  • Domain registrar.

  • Login. Gov. (U.S.).

(6) Maintaining home country mailing address.

  • Bank accounts have been closed due to not having local mail address.

  • Mail forwarding services.

  • Friend's business address?

(7) Unlocked phone/virtual phones:

  • Google phone.

  • Use SIM Cards/International plans.

  • VPN.

(8) Selling stuff:

  • Get rid of things cheap.

  • Selling early is freeing.

  • Don't burden friends and family with selling or storing items you didn't sell (donate to charity).

(9) Point of contact at destination:

  • Make contact with needed professionals before you leave:

  • Realtor.

  • Banker.

  • Attorney.

(10) Medical insurance/care.

  • Physical and blood chemistry / Colonoscopy, etc.

  • Make sure you have adequate supply of meds on hand.

  • Make sure you don’t carry illegal drugs into a foreign country.

(11) Have a mission; breathing and maintaining a pulse is not enough.

  • Hobbies?

  • Sports?

(12) Have a volunteers heart.

  • Your expertise will be of value.

  • Find a need and fill it!

(13) Appropriate dress:

  • Don't be a target by wearing expensive jewelry.

  • Climate appropriate clothes increase comfort and safety.

  • Invest in good footwear.

(14) Airline booking:

  • Prices vary wildly by date and time.

  • Utilize travel applications like:

  • Hopper.

  • Agoda.

(15) Hearing your own eulogy:

  • When others discover you are leaving, you will hear what they really think of you.

  • How will you be remembered?


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