• Joe Gilbert

Dazzling Mastery

As cited in Angela Duckworth’s “Grit”, top performing athletes, artists, surgeons, scholars, etc. share one common trait; directed practice. It is virtually impossible to be coached in any endeavor without being directed to practice with a focused objective. Small subtle refinements in core skills (over time) become dazzling mastery. The key is knowing what makes meaningful practice.

Most of us are aware and understand there are “unknowns” when we need legal assistance. Luckily there are educational and licensing requirements to which an attorney must abide. We don’t know what we don’t know yet we realize that we need guidance (conscious incompetence). We trust that we will be guided to the best possible outcome with competent legal representation and don’t hesitate to seek that guidance.

Applied to the use of deadly force (or simply displaying a weapon) we tend to believe we have a thorough mastery of the skills needed to handle the physical and legal issues we will likely face. Unconscious incompetence rears it ugly head!

Our needs are unique to our particular circumstances. Kids in the home, physical limitations, work schedules, armed spouses all create unique challenges that must be addressed. Verbal challenges, statements to law enforcement and having the appropriate support network are all part of the unconscious incompetence the majority of us face. Discovering these incompetencies after the fact will likely destroy our future.

Moving from unconscious to conscious incompetence is the first step in developing a robust plan and physical skills needed to protect our futures.

Let’s work together and make us all a bit more secure.



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