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Live an Extraordinary Life in the Philippines!

Is it possible to fashion an extraordinary life in the Philippines?

Yes, more extraordinary than you thought possible!!

There are only two qualifiers:

  • Are you healthy

  • Does family dynamic allow you to move

Motivation - Your Why

  • Negative and positive reasons are both okay.

  • Remind ourselves often of our “WHY”.

Former UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli:

"I have brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment."

Confidence - Can we actually do it -

  • Take an inventory of all you’ve accomplished - you will be impressed!

    • Our Greatest advantage at retirement age is that confidence is not something we have to worry about. We may have some self-doubt at times, but we’ve already done so much! No confidence is needed to tell our own story..

  • Positive self-talk. Like showering, we need it often..

Tips for success

  • Put ourselves at top of the list of things to work on.

  • Ask how not why! How do I get this taken care of, not why do you do it this way?

  • learning a bit of the language

  • Understanding that a stranger not speaking is likely because they are shy

  • Look to others who have arguably had a worse life and made it (Everyman Has a Story).

  • Learn from OPE - Other People's Experiences.

  • Encounter and Adjust - “I’m willing to engage with others and adapt”,

The Dream is Real! What’s your dream?

  • Friendship

  • Love

  • Joyful holidays

  • Economic freedom

We can have it all here - Come join the fun!


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1 Comment

Gary Carter
Gary Carter
Oct 13, 2023

Joey, i’ve never seen you so happy, your’re looking great my friends, so glad you have found happiness in life💥💥

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