• Joe Gilbert

Law of Diminishing Intent

Photo by Rui Dias

We’ve all made resolutions for the New Year (with the best intent) and most of us are guilty of letting our resolutions slip to the wayside as months move by. Our resolutions concerning diet, exercise and relationships are important and the consequences of not acting are real. Gain a few pounds per year and many years down the road we will be wearing larger clothes and likely dealing with heart disease and diabetes. Likewise, failing to read and continue to work on self-improvement will leave us unable to compete in the workplace and unqualified for future challenges. Our lack of action will literally (over time) rob us of future rewards.

One area we must not ignore is our responsibility as firearm owners. The consequences of our actions with a firearm are immediate and severe! Without training, proficiency and acting on good decisions (made in advance) we risk loss of life, freedom, and our family’s future! We must not delay in building competency and developing our plan for protecting family and ourselves.

In order to keep our resolutions we need to have a strong why. The price of disciplined action is easy when the reward is clear! I submit there is no greater reward than keeping our family safe and maintaining our freedom.

INC Magazine has published seven tips to help us set more realistic expectations and deal with the inevitable setbacks and challenges we will face. ( Full article here )

They are:

1. Create a measurable goal.

2. Identify clear action steps.

3. Set yourself up for success.

4. Plan for obstacles.

5. Start when you're ready.

6. Track your progress.

7. Learn from your mistakes.

Don’t delay. If you or a member of your family owns a firearm, contact me and let’s get started protecting your future.




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