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Definitive Guide To Vigan & Fabulous Hotel Luna!

There is so much to see in Vigan it's best to come and stay several days to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture. I chose Hotel Luna as it is centrally located and a magnificent hotel staffed by friendly professionals.

The video above is an easy way to see what I'm talking about. If you are pressed for time, the maps below and photo-gallery will provide great insight and be helpful in your planning.

Nightly gathering for the fountain show

Several key places to see (beyond walking distance) are labeled on the following map for context. There are many more places to spend your time, but map clutter precludes my listing them here.

Vigan Overview Map

Within walking distance You can travel north or south from Hotel Luna and visit many interesting places. From the dancing fountain at night to the Vigan Public Market during the day, you will enjoy exploring on foot.

Walkable Vigan

To the North it's an easy sub-ten-minute walk to Plaza Salcedo filled with options for food, shopping and people watching.

Walking north from Hotel Luna

Heading south from Hotel Luna it's also a sub-ten-minute walk to the Vigan Public Market with much to see and experience.

Walking south from Hotel Luna

I encourage you to watch the video and leave your comments and suggestions.

The gallery below is a great representation of Vigan.

I hope you enjoy, Joe.


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