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Beat The Heat In The Philippines

Five Ways The Filipino People Stay Cool!

  1. Select appropriate clothing and accessories:

    1. Umbrella - buy a wind resistant one, more expensive but worth the investment

    2. Loose cotton and linen are the best. High Tech Wicking clothes don’t work as well in high humidity.

    3. Straw Panama hat will let air flow and protect you.

  2. Utilize cover of shade (watch locals)

    1. Light poles.

    2. Awnings.

    3. Building

    4. Natural foliage.

  3. Schedule outdoor activities to preclude excess exposure.

    1. Outdoor work should be scheduled in morning or evening.

    2. Walking is best before and after high noon allowing angle of sun to cast shadows.

    3. Shopping at Night Markets

  4. Improve fitness.

    1. Slow improvements in fitness will make living here much easier.

      1. Walking is something you will do more of if you live in a city and you will naturally become more fit.

      2. Most Condos have fitness centers.

      3. Outdoor activities are abundant in most places.

  5. Choose to live at a higher elevation.

    1. Scenery is spectacular in the mountains

    2. Many locations near major cities.

    3. Be aware that UV is stronger at elevation - use hat / umbrella / sunscreen / long clothing, etc.

If you choose to live at a higher elevation, here are some of my favorite places on Luzon:


Tanay Rizal


Ilocos Sur


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