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Are You A Match For Your Chosen Retirement Destination?

Culture Shock defined:

Noun. Citation: Merriam-Webster:

A sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation

Culture shock is typically divided into four stages: the honeymoon, frustration, adaptation, and acceptance stage. (Reminds me of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

Good news is that over time, people can become familiar with their new surroundings as they make new friends and learn the customs, leading to an appreciation of the culture.

See the full article from Investoppedia if video is not your thing: Link here.

I also recommend learning the language of your retirement country. Pimsleur is the way I'm learning Tagalog. I continue to be surprised at how much I understand and especially how much I can make sense of written information.. Highly recommended to make your time here better! As usual, This will be on my website within the next few days: See Article from Investoppedia: Link here.


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