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Antipolo-Paradise Over Manila!


Hi Everyone,

Is Antipolo in the game when it comes to searching for a place to call home in the Philippines? We'll take a look at housing costs, shopping and lifestyle options here, as well as take some time to enjoy coffee while sitting in the cool air overlooking Manila. We will end the afternoon with visit to Mystical Cave. Come along for the fun (Photos from the video are in gallery below).

The Costs are low here by western standards with nice homes and condos renting for less than $400 U.S. per month. With a population of almost 900,000, low cost of living, abundant shopping and close proximity to Manila, this may be a "Goldilocks" city giving us the best of both city and mountain life.

Antipolo is also known as a safe haven for those who reside in Manila; known for its cool breeze, Antipolo is often referred to as the Tagaytay of the east.

Cheers, Joe

Here are a few websites we can use to check out rental prices in the area:


BGC to Anttipolo

Kaulayaw Coffee to Mystic Cave


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