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A Mountain Road With Magic Everywhere!

A morning ride to the mountains led me to Cafe Cecilia. Traveling home a different route, I discovered Cape Natavidad and and other wonderful looking places to stop and enjoy food and drinks while taking in the beautiful mountain views.

If you've travelled the highways of Florida, you'll feel at home seeing all the signs for resorts and various attractions along the way.

I stopped at Cafe Cecilia because it looked wonderful from the highway. I stayed and visited for quite a while because they people there are so hospitable. I was enthusiastically offered a tour and given permission to photograph everything. Seeing this beautiful place, the magnificent scenery and experiencing the charm of the people, I was completely drawn in!

I met a couple who were just leaving and they overjoyed with their stay! It's easy to see why (even if only looking at the photos).

On the way home, I visited Kape Natavidad (they are testing a roadside drive-thru) and chatted with their staff for a while on the side of the road. They have wonderful coffee and I even got suggestions on where to dive. Double win!!

If you want to visit Cafe Cecilia, Boso-Boso (earlier video) or Kape Natavidad, here are links and a map:

Cafe Cecilia:

Kape Natavidad:

Until next time,

Joey out!


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