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5 Reasons I Didn't Buy A Scooter In The Philippines

My Mission Upon Arrival:

Get established in country to include setting up banking, acquiring health insurance, and begin exploration to find a permanent place to call home. To accomplish my goal I needed transportation that was capable of doing it all. A motor-scooter was quickly ruled out.

The 5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Buy a Scooter.

Loading Capacity - GVWR

  • Ability to simultaneously carry

    • Dive gear

    • Photo gear

    • Passenger


  • Power to easily pass and climb in mountain grades

  • Torque and gearing to smoothly cruise long hours

  • Low RPM torque to stay out of gear box in mountain

Wheel Base & Wheel Size

  • Wheel base is substantially shorter resulting in more movement.

  • Small wheel size emphasizes road imperfections.

  • This has enough of an effect that attorneys love them.

Distance & Travel Time (comfort)

  • Shocking compared to western standards.

  • Average speed seems to be about 30 mph


  • 400 cc and larger only allowed on expressway

  • Larger scooters are very expensive

  • Still have many of the same limitations

For more detailed information, checkout the video above.

Cheers, Joey!


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